BlueBox (HK): #597 Bedford Open Truck - plastic

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This model is the BlueBox (HK) - #597 Bedford open Truck in yellow and dark blue plastic.

The model has all detail cast into the main body casting. At the front the headlights, grille, and bumper are highlighted in silver. There is no interior nor glazing. The rear is dark blue and should carry two cardboard boxes printed to look like wooden crates — there is only one present now. The crate carries markings that say "Blue-Box, Toys, Made in, Hong Kong" on 4 lines, and "BB[inside a diamond], No. 597" on two lines.

The cab base is yellow plastic. There is no base to the chassis component but the under side is marked with a die number "6". There are no manufacturer's marks or country of origin details marked or cast on the body casting, only printed on the load. The wheels are black plastic cast hub and tyre units, pressure fitted to steel axles that are held in place by the body casting and cab base.

Probably issued in the 1960s or 1970s, and a bit larger than the Matchbox copies, this could be based on a Budgie or Kemlow item.

Item: 4607