Betal 4 Door Sedan

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This model is the Betal 4 Door Sedan in green. This item has been repainted at some time as the original red paint is visible on the underside and where the paint has chipped on the body. See THIS PAGE on Betal for details on this English company.

The model is a single casting featuring cast head lights and grille, body trim, doors, and front and rear bumpers.

At the front we have the lights, grille, bonnet handle, and bumper highlighted in silver. The headlights are cast into the middle of the wheel guards. The sides have cast door outlines but no handles, and the rear has a silver rear bumper.

There is no interior or glazing.

All wheels are solid metal of the tyre and hub style, painted black with a centre silver "hub cap", fitted to metal axles, with a coppery tone, that appear to have been pressure fitted. The axles are held in position by 4 cast pillars that protrude down from the body casting, beside each wheel well, and are pinched across the ends.

There is no base plate, but the underside of the body casting is marked A, BETAL, Product on three lines just behind the front windscreen.

This casting is thought to have been used by Betal (J & H Glasman Ltd.) circa 1950 as the model appears in advertising for Glasman's in the British Industries Fair Catalogue for 1950.

Item: 3236