Benbros Ferguson Tractor and Driver

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This model is the Benbros Qualitoy Series Ferguson Tractor in red with driver. This driver may not be the correct driver for the model and some think it might be a fireman due to the raised ridge on the hat, however it is the right size so until I can more definitively identify him/her I will leave him/her on the tractor.

The tractor is a one-piece cast metal body with molded grille, steering wheel, seat, and two tow hooks. At the sides there are basic outlines of the engine. Close inspection shows it to be identical to the second version issued by Benbros. The driver on these tractors is said to be female and black drivers with black hats are known to exist. Drivers with raised ridges on the hats are also known to exist although the photos I have found show those ridges are not as pronounced - possible wear to the die in this case?

There is no base plate on the tractor. It has no country of origin or manufacturer's marks.

All wheels are bare, one-piece metal hub and wheel types with a 6 stud pattern, on steel crimped axles that look to have been made from nails. The axles pass through the body and wheels.

This model was issued between 1954 and the 1960s.

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