Base Toys D058 Commer TS3 QX Lowloader - Pickfords

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This model is the Base D058 Commer TS3 QX with Lowloader trailer in Dark Blue Pickford's livery.

The tractor unit is a Commer TS3 QX with no opening parts. It has a sign board above the cab that reads "PICKFORDS" and comes with an excellent representation of the Commer badge, radiator grill, front lights complete with tiny clear plastic lenses, side mirrors, spare tyre and fifth wheel coupling. The interior is black plastic with black plastic steering wheel. The glazing is clear with molded windscreen wipers. The vehicle carries the fleet number M1592 and has number plates below the front bumpers and on the rear right hand side wheelguard [TYX 505].

The gooseneck lowloader trailer unit is also done in Dark Blue Pickford's livery with a dark brown trailer bed. The trailer carries a single spare wheel and a small representation of a winch on the upper bed of the gooseneck trailer which I am assuming is meant to represent a fixed neck style of trailer (no obvious attempts to represent a flexible or removable "neck"). The model carries the Pickford's fleet number TM703 and the number plate TYX 505 which further suggests the vehicle is a fixed neck trailer and that the vehicle was registered for road usage as a single unit (despite carrying two different fleet numbers).

All wheels are of a shaped type - single one piece plastic shaped to form a commercial heavy truck style hub with black "rubber" tyres.

There is no base plate as such but the metal chassis of the tractor unit is shaped to show representations of the leaf springs, gearbox, drive shaft and exhaust system. It is held in place with a single self tapping screw at the front. There is minimal detail on the bottom surface of the trailer.

This model was issued some time in 2010.

Item: 1257