Base C100 Series - Austin A40

Base Toys arrived on the scene around 2007 targeted at Railway enthusiasts. They quickly found favour with many diecast model vehicle collectors around the world, being of a similar size and indicative of a similar period to the Lesney Matchbox range. An extensive list of the models produced can be found HERE. Please note that the list is copyright to its author, Peter Harrison. Do not simply copy it without the author's written approval.



The Austin A40 Farina was a compact car introduced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1958 and designed by Pininfarina of Italy. The car is not to be confused with other “A40” designated vehicles such as the A40 Devon, A40 Dorset, A40 Somerset or the A40 Cambridge which were all larger vehicles. The “Farina” name was not used in Sweden where the car received the name “Futura” and in Italy the vehicle was produced under licence and sold as the Innocenti Berlina and Innocenti Combinata.

Base toys produced 4 versions of the Farina: Red, Off White and Blue sedans and a light blue and white "Panda" car in Birmingham Police livery.

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