Barclay - Boat-tail Roadster

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This model is the Barclay Boat-tail Roadster in green.

The model is a one-piece metal body, 90mm in length. It has been molded with representations of the grille, lights and hood ornament at the front, side louvres on the motor housing, a solid windscreen, cockpit with steering wheel and driver's head and shoulders and at the rear, a folded tonneau and rear bumper finish off the model. The main body is painted green and the front and rear bumpers and grille are painted silver with the headlights picked out in gold. There is no glazing but the solid windscreen has been painted silver. The steering wheel and tonneau are both in the body colour while the driver has been picked out with black jacket and hat with flesh coloured face. I believe the original wheels may have been replaced by white rubber reproduction wheels.

There is no baseplate as such as this is a slush cast toy with no manufacturer's marks.

I do not know when this item was issued.

Item: 1791