Bang 8023 Ferrari 456 GT - "Stradale"

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This model is the Bang 8023 Ferrari 456 GT Stradale in yellow. “Stradale” (Italian for "road-going") is a term often used by Italian car manufacturers to indicate a street-legal (although often heavily modified and/or lower-powered) version of a sports car.

The model has no opening parts - it is a four seater, two door sports car. The front lights are represented by casting impressions on the bonnet, the front parking by clear lenses inset on the left and right of the grille and indicator lights by small red crystal lenses set into the body on the left and right just in front of the doors. The rear lights are represented by red lenses for the brake lights and orange lenses for the indicators. Ferrari logos adorn the model on the bonnet, boot and lower body sides, just behind the doors.

The model has a grey? tinted windscreen alongside which sit two tiny black plastic windscreen wipers at the front and two side mirrors in yellow with silver for the reflecting surface. The number plate, at the rear of the vehicle, is a white "456GT" over a white rectangle on a black, rectangular background.

The interior consists of black plastic seats (with accompanying black shoulder seat-belts with silver clip), a tiny black plastic dashboard complete with white outlined dials, a small centre mounted, chrome gear stick and console and a black and white, left hand drive steering wheel with centred Ferrari logo.

All wheels have chrome hubs - solid, one piece, 5 spoke hub (possibly with photo etched brake drums) and separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Bang", "Made in Italy" and "SCALA 1/43" on three lines just above the simplistic representation of the drive-shaft with "Ferrari 456 GT" just below it. The base plate casting also has minimalist engine sump and gearbox at the front and differential and axle at the rear with a separate chromed racing exhaust system. It is held in place with two front body locating lugs and a rear self tapping screw.

Date of issue is unknown.

Item: 1739