Bang 7100 Mercedes 300 SL - Tour De France 1956

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This model is the Bang 7100 Mercedes 300 SL in red as raced in the Tour De France in 1956.

The model has no opening parts other than the "gullwing" doors - it is a two seat, two door sports car. At the front is a chromed bumper that incorporates the numberplate [4930-TTA 75] in white on red background. Above the bumper is the classic chrome and black Mercedes grille flanked by the front lights which are represented by clear lenses set into a chromed surround, and the indicator lights which are small orange and chrome moldings. In front of the bonnet is a Mercedes badge in red, silver and blue and on the front of the bonnet is racing number 81 in white. Two tiny photo etched windscreen wipers and a chrome air vent complete the lower front. On the left side underneath the wipers is a Le Mans logo with "FFSA" and the racing number in a circle on a white background. On the left side is "A C NICE" in white on blue while on the left is "L' EQUIPE" in white on red. Below the white is a blue line with "S'TOUR DE FRANCE AUTOMOBILE" in black.

The sides are plain except for the chrome air vent just behind the front wheel arch and the chrome body line, below the doors. Each of the doors carries the racing number, a small chromed silver door handle and no glazing. At the rear is another chromed bumper also molded to include the numberplate in white on red. The rear lights are represented by red lenses for the brake lights and orange lenses for the indicators. The boot lid carries the Le Mans logo again below a tampo printed with the Mercedes emblem and "300 SL" in silver.

The interior consists of black plastic seats, a chromed plastic dashboard complete with dials set into a black plastic surround, a tiny chrome dash-mounted rear view mirror, a black gear stick with chrome knob, and a cream/ivory, left hand drive steering wheel.

All wheels have 8 stud hubs - black, one piece, hub with black studs and hub cap and separate black rubber tyres.

The baseplate is black plastic and contains a rudimentary outline of the gearbox, drive shaft and differential. A separate chrome exhaust system is fixed to the baseplate. The printing on the baseplate is upside-down to most others. At the centre top is fixed a silver printed label "Mercedes 300 SL" on line one and "7100" on line two. Slightly below and to the left of this is "Made in Italy Scala 1/43" on two lines. In the centre middle just below the drive shaft is "Bang" and at the centre bottom it reads "Mercedes 300 SL". It is held in place by two self-tapping screws.

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