Bang 7082 Ford MK II - Le Mans 1966

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This model is the Bang 7082 Ford Mk II in red as raced at Le Mans in 1966.

The model has no opening parts other than the rear engine hatch - it is a two seat, two door sports car. At the front the car is equipped with jacking point either side of the air scoop. The front lights are represented by clear lenses set into the upper body casting and clear lenses set into a black surround on the lower front body. A single photo etched windscreen wiper graces the front windscreen just above the racing number (3) and a chrome petrol(?) cap is exposed on the right hand side of the car while another cap, painted red, can be seen on the left hand side of the car. The sides are plain except for the white racing stripe and each of the doors carries the Le Mans race number. At the rear is an opening engine cover that reveals the 8 cylinder engine and black exhaust system and carries the race number again. The rear lights are represented by 4 red lenses. Below the rear engine bay is another set of jacking points, also cast into the body casting.

The interior consists of black plastic seats, right hand drive steering wheel and dashboard. A black gear stick with chrome knob sits between the right hand door and the driver's seat. All glazing is clear with the door windows being molded to show racing perspex windows riveted to the door frame.

All wheels have 12 spoke hubs - they appear to be cast metal and have a separate, three prong, locking nut holding them in place with separate black rubber tyres.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Ford Mk II, 7082" on two lines at the centre top in black text on a silver label, then cast into the base is "SCALA 1/43" on the second line, followed by "Made in Italy" and, finally, "Bang" below that. All text is upside down when compared to other base castings where the text is read from the left to right, i.e. the front of the vehicle points left. The base plate casting has no other detail apart from a rudimentary engine sump casting at the rear, the rest of the base being plain and flat. It is held in place with a single front self tapping screw and what appears to be a small plastic clip at the rear.

Date of issue is unknown. Its scale is stated to be 1:43.

Item: 1884