Autotime Collection 4307W-RUS Volga Saloon

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This model is the Autotime Collection 4307W-RUS Volga Saloon in white. It has a pull-back, drive action motor powering the rear wheels.

The model features opening front doors, the only operating part of the vehicle. To the front of the vehicle we have a chromed radiator grill and either side of this sits the head lights, chromed with clear plastic lenses, inset into the body casting. Below all this is the front bumper (a body casting, highlighted in black paint, to simulate rubber) and incorporating a centred number plate with a small white paper label and black cyrillic lettering.

At the rear is another cast bumper with black highlight and the rear lights which are represented by a plastic insert containing two red lenses for the tail lights and a black, centred number plate again with white paper label and black cyrillic lettering.

The interior is black plastic with a black plastic, left hand steering wheel which has been inserted into the dashboard. The glazing is clear all round, with moulded windscreen wipers and interior rear view mirror.

All wheels are of a 5 spoke open hub - silver plastic hub with a separate "rubber" tyre.

The base plate is black plastic with a rudimentary representation of a chassis, front wheel drive motor, driveshaft and exhaust system on the front half of the base. It is attached to the body casting by two small self tapping screws and carries the legend "Autotime Collection" at the centre top and "Volga 31105" in cyrillic script at the bottom centre. The exhaust system is replicated at the rear of the base plate and protrudes through the body casting.

The date of issue is unknown but probably circa 2010.

Item: 1304