Auburn 574 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

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This model is the Auburn 574 Ford Thunderbird Convertible in Red.

This is a one piece casting and with no opening parts and all features cast into the body. The rear number plate is marked "574". There is no glazing as the windows are also filled in with the body material (vinyl).

There is no base plate as such — the body casting is open to the under side and strengthening bars are in place to hold the soft body's shape. It is marked with "Made in U.S.A." under the seats.

All wheels are one piece, soft vinyl in yellow, attached to a rounded axle that passes through struts molded on the underside of the body and the wheels.

This model is thought to have been issued between 1953 and the 1960s prior to the company's move to Deming, New Mexico and the subsequent switch to producing hard plastic toys.

Item: 762