Altaya Simca Presidentielle (1959)

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This model is the Altaya Simca Presidentielle (1959) in black. The casting is an IXO (China) casting. It originally came with a booklet about the Simca and was issued in a clear plastic display package, mounted on a black plastic display base and shrink wrapped with the booklet.

There are no opening parts on this model. All features are either cast into the metal or comprise photo-etched parts which are attached during the finishing of the model. The model has separate windscreen wipers, side mirrors, bonnet emblem, flag (the personal standard of Charles De Gaulle - the tricolor with the Cross of Lorraine in the center), front and rear lights, number-plates (4 PR 75) and bumpers. The front lights are clear yellow lenses inset into chromed plastic surrounds and mounted into the body. The rear lights are red lenses fitted to a chromed plastic housing and mounted into the body behind the rear wheel arches.

The interior is tan plastic and it has a black and silver, plastic, left hand drive steering wheel mounted below the slightly detailed dashboard (instrument panel). There is a small, black plastic gear stick in the centre of the driveshaft tunnel. The glazing is clear plastic and framed with a silver outline and there are sun visors attached at the top of the windscreen.

All wheels appear to be one piece, chromed plastic hubs in the fashion of a solid wheel rim of the era with chromed hub caps and separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is black plastic with "1/43" at the top centre, and "Simca Presidentielle Chapron" at the centre bottom. It also carries a rudimentary representation of the driveshaft, differential, and exhaust system. It is held in place by 2 small self-tapping security screws.

Issue date is circa 2007 and the scale is said to be 1/43.

Item: 1225