AMT-ERTL 6290 Ford Ranger STX 4x4 Pickup (1994)

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This model is the AMT-ERTL 6290 Ford Ranger STX 4x4 Pickup (1994) in metallic brilliant blue. This is a licensed promotional model issued at the same time as the original vehicle was released in the USA.

Usually in a scale of 1:24 or 1:25, promotional models such as these have been released in the USA as a sales aide since at least the 1950s. AMT's first model was a 1947–1948 Ford Fordor sedan made of cast aluminum and painted with official Ford paint (Cawthon 2002). In 1949, injection plastic molding became available. After the first Ford aluminum promotional model was offered, aluminum was abandoned as different colors of plastic could now be used. AMT's 1949 and 1950 Ford and Plymouth sedans were its first plastic models, along with the 1950 Studebaker coupe.

The model has no opening parts other than the rear tailgate, and all detail is cast as part of the plastic body with the exception of 2 coloured decals on the lower sides and a coloured decal on the rear tailgate. At the front is a dark grey grille and chromed headlight casting with Ford badge. An air vent and the bonnet are detailed into the front as are the windscreen wipers. The sides have body lines, detailed doors with handles, and the petrol cap. The rear lights are represented by red lenses. The rear also has a number plate with "1994" on it.

The interior is in dark grey plastic, detailing the front seats, black plastic steering wheel, black plastic manual gear stick, and dashboard with dials, etc. No colour detailing has been done on the interior. All windows have clear plastic glazing.

All wheels have chrome plastic hubs with separate black "rubber" tyres.

The black plastic base plate is unmarked, and carries a detailed representation of the lower engine, gearbox, drive shaft, rear differential, front and rear axles, exhaust system, floor pans, suspension, and rear spare wheel. It is held in place by 3 small screws, two at the front and one to the centre.

This model was issued in 1994.

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