AHI (Azrak-Hamway International) Road Roller - MB1a copy

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This model is the AHI road Roller in green with red plastic rollers.

The model has a one-piece metal body, 47mm in length (including the tow hook which is 2mm). It has been molded with the body casting having representations of the front light or badge, front roller steering casing (fixed), side engine louvres, steering wheel, driver, roof supports, roof, and tow hook as part of the body casting. There is no base as it is a one piece casting and no glazing. The original wheels/rollers are red plastic and attached to steel axles with a large slightly domed head on one side and crimped ends on the other. The axles pass through the body casting to hold the rollers in place.

There is no manufacturer's mark or country of origin anywhere on the model.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but it would have been between 1959 and the mid 1960s.

Item: 3921